3 Reasons Why Your Non-Profit Should be on Social Media

According to Non-profit Tech for Good’s annual survey, 95% of African Non-profits (including Foundations) agree that social media is effective for brand awareness. Relative to other continents, however, Africa has the least percentage of non-profits with websites, the least text subscribers, twitter followership and Instagram likes, irrespective of the size of the organization. Given the value placed on social connections, globally, here are 3 reasons why your Foundation needs to be online and on social media:

  1. Build Credibility: The quickest way to tell people about your mission, programmes, and success stories are through social media. Your online presence helps to eliminate skepticism and barriers that sometimes exist between potential partners and makes you more credible than an organization without it.
  2. Grow Online Giving: Fundraising has evolved into a more technology-based strategy linked to social media. Online giving can help you reach more donors through fundraising drives on your organization’s website or crowdfunding platforms such asCauses, Crowdrise, and Razoo.
  3. Be Accountable, Gather Feedback: Your public exposure on social media may force you to make better decisions, because your followers will hold you accountable.Being plugged in also helps you understand the needs of your community better, which in turn, will help you create better programmes.

Here are the most popular social media platforms used by Non-profits today:


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